I've been watching famous shredders like Michael Angelo Batio etc and have noticed that his fretting fingers always stay as close to the fretboard as they possibly can. In comparison my ring and pinky fingers fly up and down which is hindering speed, mobility and is creating tension. How do I overcome this? Are there exercises to improve this? What should I do?

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This is a question of training. Choose any simple exercise, say 1-2-3-4 on one string and play it extremely SLOWLY. If you go slow enough (REALLY slow!) then you can do it.

Over time increase the speed very gradually whilst being sure to maintain the same level of control.

Good luck mr Megadeth :-)
It just takes practice. Do you spend much time working on your technique or just playing songs?

I'd recommend setting time aside for scales, arpeggios, and left hand legato (hammers/pulls/slides).

There's a great resting exercise you can do: let all your fingers rest relaxed on the D or G string, but without pressing it down. Then, take one finger at a time and fret A while keeping the other three relaxed on the D or G. Move that finger up and fret the B string. Repeat on the high and low E strings, and do the same thing with each individual finger. The idea is to keep your unused fingers relaxed, still, and without pressing down while the active finger moves between the A/B and E/e.

Really focus on keeping those fingers relaxed, and fretting solidly with the active finger. You'll feel an almost psychological urge to break back into bad technique, s go as slowly as you need to do it right.

use a metronome and start slow, spend about 15 minutes a day on it.

VVVVV at about 3:00 that dude does a simplified version of what I described, in case that block of text was confusing VVVVVV
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how do you usually treat your thumb, TS?
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I can spend about an hour a day on technique alone. My thumb remains behind the neck except for vibrato and bending. Some really good advice and videos here! Keep them coming please!

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