I've been playing for about a year and some months and I want to start playing at open mics but I'm having a hard time whit strumming while standing up.

The way I strum is keeping my arm motionless and just using my wrist, which is the way I learned. It works very well but it looks very dull and lifeless when standing up, at least for what I wanna play which is punk/ alternative. Whenever I watch my favorite bands live, like Nirvana or the Foo fighters, they play with so much energy and they can strum wildly using their entire arms while maintaining their rhythm.

How does one do this while keeping their rhythm strumming even especially while they're moving around with the guitar bouncing all over the place.? For ex example : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULMbQu7HZyc at the beginning of the song where kurt is playing, dancing and still strumming wildly.

I'll miss a strum when I try to play that way and its clearly audible in the song. Or I always have that sensation that my pick is going to get caught in the strings and I'll drop it. Is there a certain way of holding the pick that works better? I have long fingers and they always get in the way and get caught in the strings when I strum though I think its from me wildly strumming while trying to dance at the same time. I have no problems when I use my wrist but again it looks very limp wristed and dull. Is there some secret to that style or something?
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My approach is that standing guitar technique should be exactly the same as seated, so your guitar should be slung at the same height standing as seated. Much higher than most would have it!
I generally think there are two things going on with this kind of thing, at least the two things that I generally think need to happen:

1 - Do physical things that are in rhythm with the song. Works particularly well with headbanging but from what I can see in that video even Kurt is at least starting the various motions he makes on a beat.

2 - Know the part you're playing so well that you don't have to think about playing it right at all. Play it so much you can't play it wrong. If you do that then your mind is free to do whatever it wants with the rest of your body.

That said... I'm by far not the best at this, watch videos of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan to see people go properly crazy on stage. I literally have no idea how they do it.
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