I'm looking for as cheap as possible because I'm broke. I've been looking at old Roland GR-30s on eBay in working-but-not-pretty condition for less than $100, which is really all I can afford, but I also would REALLY like to have wireless.

I really don't need any bells and whistles. Hundreds and hundreds of custom voices are nice, but I'm pretty satisfied with my current MIDI keyboard setup. All I really need is a way to play what I already have with my guitar.

Is there a device that does nothing but provide MIDI out for guitar, that comes in a wireless version, and isn't $400+?
Not at the moment. The triple play is still very new to begin with. Plenty of options for non wireless though.
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Well then in the world of non-wireless guitar MIDI, what's the cheapest option that's worth buying?
This is my first post, so if it is better suited to another thread, please move it appropriately.

But my question is ultimately about the Fishman Triple Play, which I am planning on buying.

I don't really want to attach it to my existing Tele or Ibanez AM-50- for one thing I don't think there is enough room- the bridge pup on the AM-50 (its sort of like a 335 with a smaller body for those who might want to know) is right up against the bridge, saddle, and teles' sort of have the metal tray for the bridge. Almost every pic I have seen the users or folks demoing have attached it to an inexpensive strat or strat copy, which has relatively ample room between the bridge and the bridge single coil. So-- I am looking for a cheap strat, partially to dedicate a guitar I do not play as much to the fishman triple play, and also, because I miss having a start. A strat that sounds like a strat (no hum bucker) with a five position switch (don't they all, since the mid 70's?) and some semblance of playability good intonation and tuning stability (for midi tracking, after all). So I am looking for a 200 dollar guitar for a 300 dollar pickup and software system. And I wouldn't mind a start returning to my arsenal (I loaned my MIM strat indefinitely to a friend about a decade ago)

I think a Squier Bullet might do. The low end isn't as horrible as it used to be. I don't know if it is likely to have great set up out of the box. So I might have to pay a bit more for a good set up. I think much of the Fishman Triple Plays is set up is in software, but I keep hearing about some odd shims or other adjustment complications merely sticking the fishman to the guitar with double sided tape at proper distance from the strings. Not too many people have them yet. The Bullet could eventually become something I might upgrade pickups or hardware on in the future, it may stay as is, beyond the Fishman Triple Play.

The other way to go is to find a used guitar in the same price range.

Any thoughts on this issue? Would you dedicate a guitar to the Triple Play? What? I'm not likely to gig with this, merely use it for home recording. But I wouldn't mind a bit of strat tones, which I miss.