Was told i might have better luck here:

Hey i want to create my own guitar that i may eventually buy (kinda like my dream guitar if you will), but i have no idea how to do that, i want to be able to manipulate practically everything (astecically wise mainly)

I do have photoshop, but i'm no expert in photoshop, i do have basic skills in it, but not enough to go on off on my own accord and create one from fresh

If anyone knows any sites / programmes / tips that would be useful, that would be great
Check out Crimson Guitars on youtube too, very helpful in building and there's a bit on designing. Watching someone can do it is often way more helpful than just reading.
I use a program called AutoCAD to make my designs, it may be tricky to get a copy but it's definitely worth gatting some sort of good CAD program which works well in 2D as then you can make and change 2D elements to scale easily and just print off your designs to scale.
But before you even start designing I would advise doing as much research as possible. Crucial things to consider in design:
-Neck angle and bridge
-Scale length
-Upper fret access

Finally, you probably won't manage a perfect guitar first time, expect to have to make a few... spending a lot of money in the process.

Good Luck