Happy Father's Day guys. I spent my day out helping out my dad in the barn. I really look up to the dude, he means the world to me. I would never take him for granted, I love my dad more than just family.

How did everyone else spend their father's day?
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Pretty much just did yard-work all day with him and then grilled some burgers for dinner

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Went out to dinner with him and my three brothers, the five of us had a good time. Good fathers day overall.
I overslept until 4pm and gave him a box of chocolates.
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We went out to lunch and hit the driving range. It was excellent
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Gave him his gifts, a Buster Posey jersey, an Eternity cologne, a personalized card and made his favorite meal. Right now he's kicking back and switching between sports games. We also got him some tickets to an arena football game.

I love my daddy.
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We also got him some tickets to an arena football game.

I love my daddy.

Apparently you don't love him that much...
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Apparently you don't love him that much...

He liked it when he went last year.
Grilled a bunch of food and drank beers while listening to classic rock and chattin.
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Stayed here at school, but I saw him recently.

We got rid of all our books so that included quite a bit of fighting.

I'm meeting him for lunch in 10 minutes though to make up for it.
Farther's day is in September in New Zealand... wtf! I thought they were all at the same time???