So about a month ago I bought a mandolin at a flea market for $35. I bought some new strings, polished off the grime, restrung it, tuned it up, and it was really cool. So after a bit of research on the best website ever, instructables.com, I came across this project .

It was a cheap and easy acoustic guitar pickup that cost pretty much about $10 (depending on what you have at home&hellip. Here is the final result:

Technically, I spent a total of $25.46. But that’s because I added a volume switch and didn’t have audio cable.

The things you really need are a Piezo buzzer and a 1/4” female phone jack. The buzzer cost $5.99 and the jack was $3.49 (at Radioshack). Then I had a potentiometer (volume knob) that I salvaged from work (we don’t use them and throw them away anyway&hellip and bought a knob cover for it for $2.99 (two per pack). Then I needed some shielded audio cable. That cost me $11.99 for a 50’ roll (of which I only used a little over one foot).

So after I had all my materials together, I was ready to start wiring this thing. I had to break open the buzzer and carefully pop out the metal Piezo element (which was the only thing from that you really need). Then I soldered all the wires in place between the Piezo and the jack, just to see if it actually worked.

It did.

So then it came time to figuring out how to add a volume control to the circuit. Found that out after a little research and came across this . Wired it up and tested it to see if it worked.

It did.

Then it came time to figuring out how to mount the thing to the mandolin. Long story short, I put all the controls in an Altoids tin and shoved the Piezo between the outside body and pick guard, using some foam to keep it snug and get the best vibrations from the mandolin. Then I found some scrap metal and made two L brackets to fix the Altoids tdoesn’the bridge.

It’s super ghetto, but it actually works and doesn't sound like complete shit. Even sounds cool with some wah wah (not so much with distortion unfortunately&hellip.

So yeah, that was how I spent Father’s Day. At least I was constructive.
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very cool project.
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That's really interesting. I'd love to hear how she sounds.
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