I have recently learned Drifting by Andy Mckee and I'm not going to lie I'm was lazy so it took me a couple months. I haven't quite got it perfect but I have changed some of the stuff in it to make it slightly different so the timing is different. Anyways that is irrelevant. I was just wondering what other songs that are about that same skill level are there that have free tabs available? I don't want something that will be way too hard cause I have a hard time motivating myself XD But I don't want something too easy cause (lets be honest) then I don't improve and I can't show off Well thanks in advance for your replies!
Art of motion by andy mckee. memories of the future by antione dufour will be different because it involves a capo, but it shouldn't be that much harder. look those up on youtube.
Thanks a lot they both look really hard. Is that just cause I don't know them yet. Cause now drifting doesn't look hard... Anyways Ill try Art Of Motion but would love more suggestions from anyone!
And I would really like some suggestions that are in DADGAD tuning. Thanks again