Which strat out of these below the $1200 mark is the best for Frusciante & Hendrix type tones? currently have a Gibson SG & Bugera 333XL + a few basic/beginners guitars which I'll probably sell for cash.


that is all.

also, is there a massive difference between a $600 mim standard vs a $1100 US special?


edit lol, didn't realise there is an almost identical thread on the same page. but I guess this is a little different.
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Well all that information is pretty much there...

but anyway

Budget: Preferably closer to $600-700 AUD, maybe a couple of hundred higher.
Artists: Frusciante & Hendrix
Pickups: SSS
New/Used: New
Location: Melbourne, Aus. The website I posted.. skymusic.com.au has pretty good prices I believe.
Current gear: Gibson SG & Bugera 333XL

Anyway just wondering which Fender Strat is closest to Frusciante & Hendrix type tones in that budget.

Also is the price difference worth it between a $600 MIM Strat and $1100 US Strat?

Another question.. do any of them come with the older kind of headstock or are they all the newer style big headstock?

Don't really know all that much about Strats, especially compared to LPs & SGs etc

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You should be able to get the tones you are looking out of both the MIM and the US Strat. In my opinion the MIM Strats are just as good at the US ones but only if you get a good one. Best thing to do is to try out as many as you can.