Hey little sister
Sorry I wasn't better to you
I wish I hadnt screamed
I couldn't take the crying
When I was barely
holding back tears myself
I know you needed my help
To guide you through our hell

sometimes designs
Don't work out the way you
Want them too
I'm sorry, so sorry
Coulda been better to you

I know that daddy walked away
I remember how you cried
I tried to stay strong
But I slowly died inside
Day after day
I rotted away
I'm not who I was yesterday
I felt lo-ocked in a cage
I know it's no excuse
I can never truly apologize
For being so cold
I couldn't protect you from the lies
I hope you grow old
With no pain in your eyes
You're my little sister
Till the day I die
Say you hate me if you want
I'd rather you did not
But I will still love you
Like I should
I did what I could
And like I said a thousand times
Hurt myself to hide your eyes
But I guess
I'm sorry
So sorry
For screaming
I'm sorry
So sorry
I wasn't able to save you
I'm sorry
So sorry
For all that I couldn't do
Very personal I see, That is if its true(Nothing offensive meant, Just I am unsure if this is based on PE)

If it is then you convey emotion very well.