Yesterday I bought 2 NEW Amps- this and a Vibrolux.

However, this was a steal. It is a one-owner from new, never gigged, perfect conditon (and I mean, it's out of the wrapper!) 1977 Fender UL Silverface with JBL D120's. It still has the 'case candy.'

I paid £500 for it, so I believe it's an absolute gift at that price. The wiring board looks brand new, the tubes are NOS and it's been revalved and serviced, the caps are perfect, the braid cables are perfect...this is like a museum piece. More pics to follow and I am currently cube-basing some sound clips, but it's a lovely warm Fender chime, none of the brittle breakup of modern Reissues, and very controlable for a 135w amp. Bedroom levels easily achieved simply by turning MV down.

Tonally, not a creak or a hiss in sight.

I love old twins as they're exactly what you expect, they work at lower vols, and have amazing warmth. The JBL's are the icing. They're in A1 condition.

I am over the moon.

Nice score.

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awesome man. you even got the upgraded speakers.
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Can it djent?
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Remarkable that there're still such nice amps lurking out there. Congrats on a great score, man!
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I picked up a 77' a few months back. They do sound great.
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Tried one of these at GC a few weeks back. I love it. Nice score HNSFD
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Happy New Fenders Day

where's the Vibro?

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HNAD! I want me an old Fender so bad
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Killer score there! Those old Silverface-era Fenders are quite possibly the best value out there when it comes to vintage amps - That one looks like it's in great shape too!

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