I am primarily a guitarist but I have been playing bass on the side in a cover band (classic rock and 80's metal) and I am looking to buy a relatively cheap bass for playing in bars. Does anyone have any experience with these basses or could recommend me something in the same price range?

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due to me being a disgusting little fan boy, i'll point you in the direction of the rbx 374/5. i have heard very good things about the bb range as well.
I wouldn't call any BB models "cheap". They are mid grade instruments.

I am also not really a bass player, but I just bought a BB425x and it came last week in the mail (that is just the 5 string version). I really like it. American Musical Supply had a deal recently for $359 on this model if your purchased a red one. Regular price everywhere is between $600 and $650.

It has one tone and one volume. separate tone or volume knobs might be nice, but whatever. The low B string does not seem to buzz much and overall, it feels really nice. Again, I am not a bass player, but I have had a lot of fun with it.

Just FYI, the BB body shape is not very comfortable if you like to play sitting down. Lots of basses are that way I guess. I don't know much about the TRBX304 model.
Im also a Yamaha fan boy. Everyday i regret selling my trb and getting a dingwall instead.

There both brilliant bass's. I love the TRB shape and sounds so that would be my preference but all the BB's ive tried have been great. The TRB's are very versatile as well. I haven't played an x one though.
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