I have a cheap guitar with a non-conductive bridge. It has a powder coat which seems to act as an insulator. I guess that makes sense, but I'm still chasing some hisses in my sound and I think I want to put a different bridge on it. I'm looking at a chrome tune-o-matic, but I still am dubious as to whether it will be conductive or not. When you think about it, the ground wire is connected to the post, which then goes to the threads of the post, and then to the bridge, then to the screw, then to the saddle, and in the case of the one I'm looking at, then to the roller and then to the string. It may be conductive, but will resistance be negligible in such a setup? Please and thank you.
not particularly, but I heard that this isn't necessarily always the case when the bridge grounding is not set up properly. I'm just wondering how well the tune o matic can pass the reference from the ground to the string.