I have a 1985 kramer body that I got for free from a friend. He tried to repaint it and f****d it up, so then tried to sand it off and f****d it up even more. He gave it to me, because I thought it looked awesome f****d up, and I want to keep it that way. However, I do want to clear coat it to keep it safe, but I highly doubt the paint he used will stick to clear coat. Is there some sort of primer that I can use that is clear? thanks in advance.
The answer is to use a clear coat. Why would a clear varnish or coat not stick?

Any kind of primer is not going to last as long or be as good as a clear coat. Primer does not protect, it covers and prepares the surface for your main color.
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Use a clear lacquer, of if you want it as it is, a matte varnish or clear coat. It will stick, just make sure it's clean of oil, grease and whatnot before applying it.
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The paint he used looks like some sort of spray paint, and I've had no experience finishing things with that sort of paint. I wanted to ask somebody who knows better then I do whether that makes a difference or not. thanks.
Sand it up with some finer grain sand paper, 200 maybe?, get it super smooth, and then put on your clear coat. I would think spraying it on would be best. You may have to take the guitar apart first, or tape the hell out of it as to not get the clear coat on the rest of the guitar.
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You need to wet sand whatever paint is on there (2000grit) it will give the paint a foggy haze, then you polish that out with rubbing compound and buff it to a high shine. Take a tack-cloth and wipe it all over the guitar without touching it (use rubber gloves if you have to) then spray with whatever clear coat you want. If it doesn't come out smooth after following all those steps, which odds are it wont just cause! Simply wet sand the clear coat with a new piece of 2000 grit and buff it out with rubbing compound again. This will get you that mirror like finish.
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