Is this true? Anyone know if Florida is really doing this right now? I can't find any true sources, other than this.



As well as this website.


That’s right, starting July 1st smoking devices are now illegal in Florida. Anyone found in possession of a pipe two times (even if it has never been used) becomes a third degree felon.
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I doubt the article is entirely truthful, and even if it is, I doubt that this kind of thing would hold over for an extended period of time.

The war against cannabis has already reached a tipping point, and many states are showing that they are in favor of at least medicinal usage, and some are in favor of recreational usage as well.

Florida will follow suit sooner or later, last time I checked Miami had a pretty high crime rate. Think they are just gonna start letting the rapists and murderers free so they have room to keep people walking around with pipes?
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