Hey, i'd appreciate some help/advice.

I bought a standard strat not so long ago, it played amazingly out of the box, but eventually I had enough of the stock 9's and restrung with 10's. i adjusted the trem and attempted to sort out the intonation, unfortunately i was unable to get it to intonate as i ran out of room at the saddles and it was still sharp (some strings are intonated others are not) also, i noticed that the G string sounded slightly muted when played open (but sounds fine when fretted)
Basically i thought a good set up would solve all my problems so i took it to the guitar shop (made a point of mentioning the muted G string), picked it up 7 days later plugged in, G string still sounds muted, intonation is still out and i'm down £45.

I've e-mailed the shop, but yet no reply, i'm going to call them tomorrow. Just wanted to know if I was unreasonable to expect this to be sorted by a set up.

(link to example of muted g string)

That should have been sorted by a set up. 7 days is taking the piss. £45 is taking the shit.
Honestly, you paid for a service you didn't receive. Id be wanting my money back. There are 1001 set up videos on youtube to help you through it.

But even at that, go back in, find a different assistant, ask them do they think the guitar is set up (let them play it) when they say no, explain your situation and see what they plan to do. It should take half an hour max if all the strings are already on.
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