Hey so I play guitar in a 3 piece band that I'm not that into.
We play rock, in which Im really not a fan of. I'm more into Emo and Post-Harcore and really want to play in a band like that. I kinda saw what I was getting into but thought it would be cool because its different but now it's wearing on me.

So I wanted to post the single we just recorded here so I could get some brutally honest answers.

So please rip this song apart.

h ttps://soundcloud.com/dreamseekingmissiles/bizerker-earthquaker
(couldn't post the link so just copy and paste with no space between the h and t)

Im going to post this in the Emo&Punk forum as well as the Modern Rock one to see the different responses.

You sound pretty damn excellent actually. Your singer and drummer are doing a great job there. Singer sounds kind of like Robert Smith and your drummer sounds like he'd join you in your post-hardcore pursuits. Also dig the guitars around the 3-minute mark.

You might be able to join some punkier band, but it'll also be worse, probably. You'll probably be able to bring in some of your influences into the band without ruining your band's sound too much. It'll be more interesting for both.
self-deprecating compliment fisher is what i smell
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self-deprecating compliment fisher is what i smell

I can see why you would think that, but this is the post in the Modern Rock forum so I was expecting people to like it on this one.

I'm not looking for complements, only criticism so that I can see if my thoughts for leaving this band are just. The music isn't the main reason I'm quitting really but it is there. I do think its good (how could I not like my own guitar parts) but its just not where I want to be putting my energy. It's more of an unshared vision kinda thing.
Shitty shit.
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Eh screw it, why not.
*"Bizerker Earthquaker". What.
*So you're the guitarist that can't play on beat, huh?
*"Mixed at Echoplant Sound Studio by Ryan Worsley" implies you paid money for this mix. The Recording forum could have done you better for free.
*Unremarkable music is worse than bad music. Now that it's over, I can't remember a damned thing from this, other than that I wanted to listen to something else for the whole thing. Now I can.
singer's masked to cover up his terrible pitch

guitar is off tempo and weak sauce

drums are fine

bass needs to just get a 7 string and play all your parts and kick you out of the band, then find a real singer. it'll prob sound better.
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Yea I did have trouble playing on tempo when we recorded this.
But I'm not really a fan of my drummers style/speed.
I feel the song would sound better if it where at a faster tempo and we cut the second verse/chores.
I love my clean guitar tones
But it's just not working with this project.
I guess I also need to start practicing to a tempo too