Hello guys,
It's been a year since I bought my first guitar. It was classical and it was very cheap with an awful sound. But I learned acoustic songs and I became a good player and FINALLY I got the chance to buy a new Acoustic guitar and maybe Electro-Acoustic. I live in a small town in africa where are only two guitar shops. One is very expensive, and there other one has 3 Brands : Valencia, MEG : you may have never heared of them but luckily there is Ibanez... two models are available V72ECE and V205SECE. I haven't tried them yet. they said they will be available next week, anyways, I need your reviews and ADVICE about these two models.. I'm sure that even if they're not perfect they will sound excellent for me because I'm used to a cheap classical guitar. Please help me. Do you recommend one of them because I have no idea what are the SPECS and I can't compare between guitars. It would be helpful if u tell somethings to check before buying it
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of the 2, i'd pick the v205sece. it has a solid spruce top vs the laminated top of the '72. the solid top will resonate more clearly and generally have a better sound. other than that, the specs are identical. laminated mohagony back and sides,aeq200t preamp with tuner...etc. i'd probably upgrade the crappy tuners and put on a decent saddle and nut and have a very decent sounding guitar for the money.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)