I just ordered 2 wgs veteran 30's due to extensive research and coming to conclusion that they sound better than celestions. and with the right price i persuaded myself into buying them. Now i have a 412 cab loaded with some shitty speakers im wondering if it matters if i place the new speakers ethier on top or bottom or x and competely remove all 4 shitty speakers so theres just the two wgs in a 412 cab. would this sound good/work? i do plan on getting 2 more speakers in the future ethier a combintaon of something different or another pair of wgs ones. Also the guitarist in my band uses a 412 as well however its some low quality crate that came with the low qualit ghx1000 or something head, will the 2 wgs keep up volume wise? i assume they should. just asking tho.
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