Hello, I don't really know all guitar terms but I recently dropped my tunning to two step down to play some arch enemy, so I now use like 60-13 strings gauge or so. My bridge? is now too high even if the screws are ajusted to the max. I figured I need to add an additional spring or two in the back of the guitar. Some one at a shop told me it was better if I bought some springs of the same brand as my guitar, but are these really making a difference or I can buy whatever springs I want? Springs are springs after all no? Is it a matter of design?

I own a LTD ESP Guitar. Can I use any springs?

Thank you!
Too high on which side? The base plate of the trem needs to be level with the guitar body.
technically they are different, but in reality it should all balance out. Dearer springs will be more stable i suppose. You just need to get your trem level with the body
I have a LTD MH400 I dropped a whole step down to D. It is a real pain with the Floyd Rose. Online there are steps on how to do this. I blocked it off and tuned it down and then adjusted the "spring tension" and then re-tuned and adjusted it again. finally I had it leveled out height adjusted and tension and tuning right.

Read online how to do it or take it in. I took the extra ESP spring out I had installed a while back, it was not needed. I have 3 in there.

If you use a fourth spring you will have to do more adjusting. I am not sure about a different spring, I would guess it will not matter because of the 2 adjusters and they all pull on the block together.

Good Luck!

EDIT - 13's may need another spring...I never used that heavy of a gauge.
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