[forbidden link] at the beginning of this song, specifically at 0:09, and 0:15 seconds it sounds like in the background of the lead guitar theres 2 chords that are played. If I try to play these chords as individual notes I think A and G sound right (2nd string, 12th fret, 10th fret?) Sorry I don't know a lot of theory I never had a teacher :p

But yeah if you can help me figure out which chords these are, and if they are in fact G and A how do I play them that high?
Sorry I didn't know i couldnt post a link, search Hold On - Curren$y on youtube and click the video with 3 mil views
I'm getting B and then A. The way that makes sense to me is to play two notes like you're saying, but instead of on the 2nd highest string, I use the highest e string and the B string.

I play the 'chords' like this:


Hope that makes sense. Happy playing.
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