ill do c4c for anyone, and im looking for as much feedback and constructive criticism as possible
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Listening to Time Distortion. Writing as I listen.

The intro is kind of okay. I kind of dig the tone. Gives me a kind of Nirvana very dirty vibe. You're hitting some aut-of-tune notes at 0:55s. The drumming at 1:10 is rather horrible to be honest. No other way to put it really, sorry. It sounds like someone is trying to be Meg White but is drumming for the first time. The song itself is getting kind of stale. It does have a kind of Jack White-ish vibe. A bit. But up untill 2:50 or something where I'm now it doesn't feels like you've really "said" anything. The lead parts at 3:13 are a nice little change. Altough they sound out of tune a bit. Solo at 3:40. Sounds not very coherent. At times it's okay but at times it just sounds like you have no idea where you're going. At 4:40ish now and the song is becoming a bit of a drag to listen to. It's way to long for the amount of content you have. Perhaps at 2/3minutes max you could have kept it a bit interesting but 5 minutes is truly too much.

The guitar tone is okay for what you do, and the bass tone is also kind of okay. I thought the mix wasn't that bad concerning you recorded that on an iphone. I think your song writing skills will need more work before investing time into production becomes usefull. Still for just 15 minutes a day for a year your songwriting skills are not bad. But if you really want to " bring back rock" or make any lasting statement your songwriting will need work. If you're going to do this in the "old-school" way you mentioned of not learning theory/anything but just noodling arround you will need MUCH more time then 15 minutes a day I think. Altough that method of playing does have a slight chance of spawning something "original" the chances for that are just so slim that you'll need to up your playing time to the very least 2 hours a day to get anything done. Another problem with that method is that you'll eventually get stuck within your own patterns (which you can not see yourself since you don't have the knowledge) and you'll cease being original music, while still stuck in the boundaries of music theory (which are just guidelines on writing songs, and even if you don't learn it your mind will start recognizing these patterns).

I would suggest going to route of actually "learning" stuff since from experience that gives the best results. And especially if you want to put out something original you should remember that "To break the rules you must first learn them". But then again you should just do whatever you like best.

So tl;dr:
Song is okay-ish. Definitely continue doing your thing if you have such a passion for music.
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Listening to Time Distortion. Drums are hugely taking away from this. Your guitar parts aren't necessarily bad, but they could use some tightening up if you wanna actually manage to do anything with this music, especially on the scale of changing music. Also music doesn't need much fixing, there's lots of great music if you try and find it, in my opinion at least. This also could use some vocals, seeing as how there isn't a ton going on guitarwise. The guitar break that happened waspretty cool at first(if you tweaked little bits of it just a little it would genuinely be awesome) but then by 4:15 it was getting stale. Song is over now. It felt way too long with nothing going on. It was just droning on doing the same thing. This song could be salvaged into a cool grunge-style song, but in it's current form, it's kind of a weak tune with nothing going on in it to grab the listener. Get a better drummer, first and foremost. But this is actually really impressive for just 15 minutes a day for a year, if that's the truth.
I'm not going to focus on the mix because it sounds like music and nothing more, I did enjoy this track man. I know adding vocals would be a huge leap if you don't sing so i understand that ( I myself don't sing) You put in alot of hard work and it shows. The drums could be improved with time and the guitars were decent. If you try and shorten it a bit it would be an improvement. Best thing to do it making your practice from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. and later 25, 30 etc.

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shit guys i forgot to add that i programmed all the drums myself in a fl studio 10. i had to drag each noise into place and that is why it was such a mess haha.

I know that's supposed to sound impressive, but you don't actually have to do that. Use sampler tracks instead, and make patterns to trigger the hits in the step sequencer, then drag the patterns onto the playlist. They'll be on time, too.