I'm only 17 and have been playing guitar for 10 months, I want to know what it's like to play live, i never have but i certainly will one day, share some of your experiences playing live, most people you've played for? etc.

If I didn't play live I would have stopped playing guitar a long tike ago. It's a lot of fun, when it goes well.

I think you should just give some open mic nights a shot, maybe try out for a band and see how goes. Everyones experience is different.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I played God Save The Queen and Blitzkrieg Bop as a guest guitarist for a local punk-rock band. It was really fun! Not only the live show, but also the practice sessions. They were very serious, committed, but knew how to have fun while practising. It's weird playing a Sex Pistols' song with long hair and metalhead look, though, hehe.

Also, I disagree with the previous replier's signature: Guitar Hero is what brought me to play guitar for real :P
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Playing live is so much fun, the best thing about it is that when you're laying live, any kind of music is fun! I actually had to perform an Elvis song once, and I absolutely hate Rock N Roll, would never listen to Elvis, but I bloody loved the performance!

I'd say the best concerts I've ever played was at Hyde Park for the Olympics, I played in a The Doors cover band, the crowd was absolutely huge, and the atmosphere was unbelievable, as you had massive TVs dotted around playing the Olympics, and a highlight moment for me was during LA Woman, during the "Mr Mojo Risin" section, a huge wind hit the stage, and, not to sound weird, but in that moment, it actually felt like Jim Morrison was there with us, it was magical. The next biggest crowd I've played for was a packed Stratford Upon Avon Town Hall, the show ran for three nights, was sold out each time, and I was playing in the pit orchestra for We Will Rock You and Hairspray. Because I was playing all the big solos, I got to step outside of the pit, standing in front of hundreds of people playing the solos to Bohemian Rhapsody is to this day, the greatest moment of my life.

So yes, playing live can be bloody incredible! Of course, you'll have your occasional really bad gig, but as long as you're with a good band, they should be few and far between, so, even if you've been playing for 10 months (I played my first gig 10 months into my playing, I still have the video somewhere! Haha!), I'd say try and get out there! You'll have an amazing time.
Playing live is a blast. I do it every once in awhile (mostly harmonica shit.) but its really nice having an audience that is actually appreciating your efforts (and all the time you've put into it)
Its great fun my advice is this however

1. Remember playing live is performing so you must think entertain instead of play, there is a huge difference

2. Sound, get the best, be able to tell when its good and always always achieve the best sound you can which is more important than getting the songs 100% correct

3. Enjoy it and look like you are enjoying it regardless of crowd of two or two thousand

Hope that helps
Just to be devil's advocate; I've played live a few times (always solo acoustic guitar, never had a live experience on electric guitar in a band, or drums) and I've never really enjoyed it. I'm decently good, enough that my friends often ask me to play at events, but the anxiety and pressure makes me nauseous and dizzy, and my heart feels like it's about to explode. I've never really met anyone else who feels as bad about it as I do.

I guess it's not for everyone - I've no real desire to do it again, unless my friends request it. It doesn't hold me back though; I'm very happy to write and record music, and I far prefer it. If you want to, though, get out there and do it! Everyone will feel a little anxious about it, and my good friend Tom thrives on it, and echoes what everyone else said about it being the main reason they play!
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i was playing trombone and guitar in a latin cover band when i was like 15 or something in some bar, during set-up i ran behind the drums to grab the equipment for my side of the stage. didn't see the random staircase that led under the stage and went straight down. still have the scar on my leg and i think i had to throw out my sock cause it bled through. otherwise the gig went well

we did do a radio interview right after set-up where i had to fake my way through in spanish lol
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I get serious drymouth before playing. Very stressful. When it's over, then I am happy. Until then, life seriously SUCKS while you're waiting to go on, and get it over with.
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The first few gigs are usually pretty rough, you'll likely have monitoring issues where you can't hear anything properly, and lights in you face so you can't see, and stuff going wrong like dead batteries in your best pedal etc etc. Its nervewracking and very stressfull but really exciting too it most certainly helps to know your setlist and be very well rehearsed!