Hey Guys,

We're a two man project from Sweden with ambition to become a full feathered metal act within a not so distant future.
We've pretty recently started out this project with a new song, which we'd love to hear your opinion about!
Theres a bunch of new stuff coming up and well just keep everyone who's interested
updated through our facebook!

Tried to post link but it said it was forbidden, so please check out this thread on another forum and you can access it from there!

Youtube: Search for : Act zero - Insidious (Top listed)

If you like it please help us reach out and join the facebook page and share it with those you think will enjoy the music!

Thanks for your time!

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Quote by Lord_NecropsY
Finnaly some good music on here
epic great sound

Thanks a lot mate! We did everything ourselves so really glad you didn't find the mix bad
Can i say one critique - thought everything was great

but i felt the harsh vocals were under used

would love more harse vocals

keep it heavy man -save the cleans for a soft song!