Hey chaps

I'm not one to do this, but I feel this is something we can all get behind. My friend's Dad passed away suddenly just over a month ago. He had a massive cardiac arrest and suffered hypoxic brain damage as a result. They sat around his bed and waited for him to die when the life support was switched off. He and my friend's Mum were very close, they did everything together, and she was - and is - in pieces. She's just...broken.

They had a favourite local band on the Isle of Wight where they lived, and would often go and watch them play in the pubs and social clubs. It was a source of real happiness for them. The band are called Lucid. When my friend's Dad died, the band sent flowers to his mum with a card, and popped round to see her and how she was doing. They also came to the funeral and played one of their songs during the service.

Since then, they've taken his Mum out for lunch and dinner, made several visits, and basically made sure she was ok as could be expected. They've been brilliant, so kind and caring. My friend would like to pay them back somehow, and with your help, we might all be able to do it.

There's a festival in Wales in August, the Green Man festival, and there's a competition to give an unknown band a shot at opening the whole shebang. The 3 bands with the most votes will go into a final "play off" for a chance to win this prize. Please can I ask that all you Facebook users out there (half the forum closes this post in disgust at this point) go to this link -


and "like" the band to cast your vote.

PLEASE help - without their support, this whole situation would have been a lot tougher on everyone. They've not asked for anything in return, they've simply been there when needed, without being asked.

Thanks lads, I know from experience how powerful the Pit support can be in this sort of situation. Appreciate it.

TL;DR - please go to the link above and "like" the band Lucid to give them a chance to play at a festival. They have supported my mate's Mum in recent weeks since his Dad died, and we'd like to show them some love in return.

Much love
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No Facebook, and the one time that people actually should vote for something like this...
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I can't get on Facebook at work but I can try from my phone or at lunch.
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Even though the story was a nice one (the band helping out, not your dad passing ofc) but I still gave the band a listen before I voted and they deserved it. Nice sound

I wish they would stop using Facebook to vote for things like this. Even though I have it, its a stupid way to vote because not everyone can do it. I guess it stops people voting twice.

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Why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn about a language you already speak? It was over before it even started dude

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i don't have a facebook anymore. But for you, i'm gonna make a dummy account...

nah. that's hypocrisy.

Also, your a prick chris

Edit: Watched the video gotta say, I dig their sound.
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Evening bump.
Just 9 votes behind 3rd place, which is where they need to get to to be in with a chance. Come on guys!
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Done. Good luck to them I hope they win!
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Just a quick update to say thanks to everyone who voted. You can see here that they're now comfortably in the lead. Thanks!
ah i dont have fb so cant vote.
but go to greenman every year, so if they play ill go and listen!
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