Hi I recently bought a Peavey 6505 head from my buddy. It plays awesome but I'm not a big gear guy so can you guys help me set it up and how to get tight metalcore sound.
I have the Sonic Stomp in the effects loops and all the others on a pedalboard through the high gain connection on the head. It seems the sound is a bit fuzzy, do you guys think a Bias Mod would help?


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Don't have my own tube amp yet, but from what i've seen, replacing the tubes will probably be the first suggestion, especially as it seems you've got a lot covered (speakers, EQ etc.)
I'll ask for whoever knowledgeable comments on it, what tubes does it currently have? (as in brand)
If it's a bit fuzzy, replace the tubes and EQ starting from 12 o'clock and tune the amp from there.
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I have whatever tubes come standard in it. ummm I don't have any idea. What kind of tubes would be good?? jjs? Also would adding an Axe fx Ultra to the rack be a good idea or is it overkill?
I have JJs in mine, they come stock with a multitiude of different kinds, I've only seen Ruby power tubes, but a lot different in the pre-amp. Mine had Rubys and Electroharmonix and my buddy's had Ruby and JJ. I found that the sound you are looking for is actually better achieved when the amp is biased cold, I tried mine hot and it sounded way different (in a bad way) no bias mod needed.

I usually run the gain around 5-5.5, mids around 4.5-5, low at around 7.5 highs at 6 and resonance 10 presence 8.5.
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I'm pretty happy with the jj 12ax7's I've used. The 6505 eq is passive so turning all the dials to 10 will give you the true sound of the amp, then bring down the high end with eq and presence controls.

Is the fuzziness on any specific channel or all of them? I put a 12au7 (lower gain) in the lead channel signal path of mine to help tame it a little and was quite happy with the sound, it could be worth trying.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't make it clear, mine is a plus model so the sound is a bit different but still, the principles are the same
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