I just uploaded this and I want to post it on my Facebook page. Only some of my friends have ever heard me perform. But before I did that I wanted to get some strangers opinions cause I know they would be more honest than what my friends would be. So if you could tell me what you think of this performance or rate it or even things I can improve that would be awesome!

Leave a link below so we can C4C!
Pretty good! I think for the style you're singing it sounds good, and you were singing in pitch and in rhythm the whole time, which is always important. Plus your guitar playing was right in the pocket along with it. You've got talent, I would just work on improving your voice or rather the delivery of your words when you sing - sometimes it sounds 'oversung' on certain syllables to me, but it could just be the style. Overall good!

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Thanks for the kind comments guys, greatly appreciated! I left a comment on both of your guys videos too! Great stuff keep it up!
Thanks for the comment man, greatly appreciated! Ill be sure to give yours a critique when I come home later tonight!
your guitar playing sounded top notch to me so great job on that. singing and playing isnt an easy task so overall its quite good. you need a little more control over your voice you can definitely sing so keep it up you are only gonna get better. ive never heard the song but the cover was worth a thumbs up imo i also subscribed youve awesome potential!
c4c ?https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1606013
This is a pretty good cover. I'm pretty jealous of your voice, too. I don't really have a lead singer's voice, so I'm envious of those that do.
Thanks for the great comments guys! I didn't expect you to say you'd be jealous of my voice but thanks so much haha! I left a comment on you guys videos, keep it up!