Ive found my tone on my flextone 3. On the brit800 /t75 setting. bass, mid and treble set to 50% presence and drive at 75%. I want to achieve the same tone and compression but im having a hard time matching it with my other set up wich is a dt25 pod hd500. I thought for shure I could dial in the same tone but I cant match the compression ish feel of what my flextone is claiming is a british style 800. Im thinking maybe getting a jmp-1 preamp and run into the effects loop of my dt25. or maybe just get a jcm900 or 2000. Or do any of them have the ability to get me there. I cant try anything out or that's what I would do. The DT rips at a mesa style tone. But like I said MY tone is the flextone brit800. Anyone ever played one with the setting that could steer me in the right direction?
Then why not just use the Flextone 3? That's what PA's are for.
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...I cant match the compression ish feel of what my flextone is claiming is a british style 800...

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I should have said i want a tube style amp.

Most modeller's are going to be/feel more compressed than their tube amp counterparts. It seems like that's what you are going for, so buying a tube amp to mimic that doesn't really make sense. The DT is probably going to get closer to the actual feel/compression of a tube amp, and since you already know that's not what you're looking for, just stick with the flextone.
Surely you can dial in something similar with the DT25? I thought the whole point of it was it could do a bit of everything.

There's a "british crunch" model on there, for a bit more compression try boosting it with an overdrive or something.
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The flextone is older software, the HD is the new software. The models have been changed/droped over the years when updates have been made.

Also like said the tubes in the dt will give it a slightly different feel. Plug the FX send from your Flextone to the FXloop return of the DT and it will still sound different.

You can do that without harming either amp
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Thanks for the replies guys.
I was going to ask about the effects loop deal. Im going to try that out asap.