Hello everyone!

I was just wondering right now, in equipment terms - Pickups, Bridge, everything but the visuals, just in terms of sound (also meaning NO 80's made guitars nor used by any famous musician, or signed) what is the top 5 of expensive guitars, and the top 5 of sound quality guitars?
There's no measure of sound quality, so that's a pointless question. There's no top 5.

Pricewise, probably a handmade archtop from some old-world luthier. Monteleone and other master luthiers get tens of thousands per instrument.

I doubt very much that anyone's bothered to accurately find the top 5 most expensive guitars. If you just had a general curiosity about production or quasi-production models, a quick look on Musician's Friend sorted by price would suffice.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.