Hey, this is my first post, so I don't know if this is the right place to to do it. But I need some help, i've been recording with Reaper and Amplitube 3.9. And ever time I try to get my own metal tone, it always sounds so gritty an trebly. I've moved some mics, and tried different amps and whatnot, but it always sounds to harsh to he ears. And yea i've reduced gain and stuff too.
Also my hugest problem, i've managed to get a real decent metal tone (finally), but when I play any palm muted notes on the E from the 10th fret down I lose all tone definition. So there's literaly no note anymore, just scratchy noises. And it sounds great in my Line 6, so it's not the guitar. But i'm in drop C tuning with regular guage strings I believe.
Any ideas? .-. I have songs waiting to be finished, lots of them... But I can't find a satisfactory recording tone.
[forbidden link]
Here's one song I did with my latest tone. Notice at arouund 30 seconds I think when I drop to lower notes, the open palm mutes sound scratched.
Please help guys, thanks c:
Oops, didn't realize youtube links were forbideen.
Just put that after the youtube url and / hopefully that'll work :b
First off, it will sound better with bass. Get the free version of ZomBass and program some basslines if you can; it sounds great.
Second off, are you EQing your guitars at all? Add a low-pass on the high end, and tweak it until it sounds less fizzy. The "grit" comes from the highs, which are created by the distortion. Low-passing the treble/presence area will soften the sound, and you get full control over it, so it doesn't have to go full Bruno Mars.
Bass - 6

Middle or Contour - 6

Treble - 6

Gain - how ever much gain you want

problem solved.
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Thats not a bad tone tbh. Bass will sort you out.

The thing is, is that if you're basing the tone off of an album or such, most likely they multitracked it and loads of other gimmickry, so layer tones and tracks together to get a beefier sound.

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Your guitar tone is meaningless when a huge aspect of the mix of missing - the bass. Trying to thicken up the bottom end of the mix with guitar is a short-cut to a horrid sounding mess. Throw a bass into the mix with a nice tone etc and you'll find those guitars are probably fairly adequate. If they still sound gritty, try attenuating some of the ultra-high frequencies.

PS: What on earth happens at 4:01 - 4:03?
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