Hi people,

I play some guitar. I'm looking for a software that would let me:
- Record
- Have some instruments sounds (bass, drums, synth) that I can compose with.

I am willing to pay for a software, so a pay software is not an issue.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards
- Delerium
Thanks folks!

I just figure out that Reaper comes with my amp (Vypyr VIP1).

I quickly give a shot to both FL Studio and Reaper and to me, it seems FL Studio is easier to use, and more complete. I can be wrong, but that's my first impression.

I really think FL is my way to go so far!

Best regards
- Delerium
Copied and pasted from another thread earlier.

Quote by DragTheWaters11
Reaper has a built in drum machine. It's really simple, but you can create simple drum and hi-hat beats at the BPM you want.

So does FL Studio 11.

Both are basically free, but only for a certain time. Relatively cheap when you look to purchase, though, and both are compatible with any drum machine kit (Steven Slate, EZDrummer for example).

Drum Machine Kits are rather expensive, though. So unless you need a really great drum sound, their sounds will suffice.

Oh, and of course Guitar Pro has a better built in drum machine (not so much a drum machine but a customizable drum track with playback capabilities) where you can actually fully write out your song in tablature and play them back. You can even play the songs slower and repeat certain sections. Just a suggestion if you don't have it; but I'm sure you do. I'll link below just in case.

If you do have Guitar Pro, I guess I shouldn't neglect to mention that you can export guitar pro drum tracks to these programs and play them back using a drum machine run through Reaper or FL Studio 11. This actually creates a very good drum machine if you look to fully record songs and make the drums sound real. It would take me forever to explain how for the various combinations, but there's plenty of youtube tutorials on whichever you choose.

$225: full commercial license.
$60: discounted license (personal use).
Free: 30 day trial.

FL Studio 11:
FL Studio Signature Bundle -$299 (Full Commercial Use)
FL Studio Producer Edition -$199 (Limited Commercial)
FL Studio Fruity Edition - $99 (Full Personal Use)
FL Studio Demo - Free (Can't save projects)

Guitar Pro:
Guitar Pro 6 - $60

NOTE: Guitar Pro 5 is MUCH better for drum writing; so if you can get your hands on that instead - go for it.

PS: FL Studio is definitely my favorite. Just note that you CAN'T save projects in the demo version. You can, however, export a project you finished as an MP3/whatever. You just can't close the program before you finish them or they're lost.
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Honestly, every DAW does the same basic thing and comes with a handful of instruments. A lot of people start with FL and Reaper though.

Personally, I find Ableton Live is fantastic for composing, since you can arrange grids of loops to build songs piece by piece. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it's worth it. Still, just my personal favorite, they all work (and I started on FL about 8-ish years ago, although I didn't use it for long).
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I have never used Ableton but I always liked what I have seen in Youtube videos. Agreed, though. There's no best one. It's just whatever one is easiest for you to use.
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Wow! Thanks for all the details!

I'll take a look at Guitar Pro / Ableton Live as well.

Sad thing regarding FL, the fruity version can't do audio recording So I might have to go with the upper version (200$ I think).

Anyways, I'll check the 2 others software and see what suit me better.

Thanks again