So lately I've been dabbling in the realm of self-recording music on my electric. Previously, I've been mic'ing my amplifier and just recording through that. However, I've been interested in investigating direct input methods. Basically what I was wondering is - what do I need in order to record direct input? I have a mixing board and plenty of XLR cables. Are there additional cables that I would need in order to hook the mixing board right into my laptop to begin recording? Or to hook my laptop into the mixing board? Basically, I know nothing about direct input recording and I'd like to give it a try.

tl;dr - if anyone could give me a very basic breakdown on how to begin recording an electric guitar direct input style, I'd be hugely appreciative.

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You have two options.

1. Buy an Audio Interface (USB or Firewire) with a 1/4" jack instrument input. Hook the interface up to your computer, plug your guitar in, route the track, and robert's your mother's brother.

2. Buy a DI box. This will require either phantom power (48v) or a battery to run. Assuming your desk gives phantom power, which is highly likely, that would be the best bet. Plug the guitar into the DI box input with a jack, and take an XLR output feed into your mixer. Bingo.

A DI box is more than likely going to be a cheaper option, and you have the bonus of being able to easily link the signal with a second output from the DI box into your amp, so that you can record the raw output of your guitar and the amp'd tone simultaneously. Using an audio interface is a lot quicker and less cumbersome, however (at least once you've got it set up and got the drivers configured etc).
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Quote by Ziphoblat
2. Buy a DI box. This will require either phantom power (48v) or a battery to run.

Passive DI Boxes don't require batteries.

Just buy an interface and bypass the mixer all together
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