Hi, when I showed my friend (guitarist in our band) the power tab for Kryptonite (we are learning it in my band) he said "NO MAN YOU HAVE TO FEEL THE MUSIC, the tab is a guide, we are musicians ourselves not bloody jukeboxes!"

Well I think this guys just lazy <3

Well I think we should learn it exactly, as we are using someone else's version already (Three Doors Down), my friend is using their picking pattern for the verse... I think that if your going to cover it, use the the three general aspects of a song (Chords, vocal melody, and lyrics), and create your OWN cover.

We aren't that good so if we do our own shit it will be 2 guitars strumming the verse with two different strumming patterns and the bass using an even different strumming pattern and it will sound like a lot of noise.

I apprehend, if we are using their version of their own song (Three Doors Down's version of their own song 'Kryptonite'), then we should honor it and play it exactly. Else we should make our OWN version and honor it.

What do you guys think? Who is right? Me or my friend?

EDIT: oh yea and hes learning their exact solo
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If you CAN'T play their version, then you're not making a choice not to. Don't give me some BS about how you're interpreting it unless you can play the original version backwards and forwards at the drop of a hat.

A half-assed version of a song that you couldn't be bothered to learn is not an interpretation.
Learn the band's version or don't at all. It's one thing to do your own interpretation of a song, but you said your band isn't that good. So, tell your other guitar player to either to stfu and learn the tab write up his own interpretation of the song for all of you to learn OR to just stfu and learn the tab and play the band's version. Either way, learn the band's version first.
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Do whichever sounds and feels better. If your guitarist doesn't want to learn it note-for-note just because he's lazy, then that is just ignorant. But you don't have to PERFORM it note-for-note. I've heard bands play covers that are completely different from the original and it rocks the house, and I've heard bands play note-for-note covers that just lack compassion or excitement in the playing. And vice-versa, of course. The audience isn't going to care if you guys play it the exact same way 3 Doors Down did, they just want it to sound good

EDIT: I should point out that what I said above is absolutely no reason to half-ass the song. Put everything into it or don't play it. It just doesn't have to be note-for-note (in my opinion)
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You apprehend....? What?

I walk out of shows if bands cover songs note for note; I don't wanna hear that shit. I'd go see the band or listen to the album if I wanted to. That being said, there's a fine line between taking creative liberty and making your own version and being a bunch of dickheads on stage strumming chords to three doors down. Most people won't notice if you don't play it exactly the way it was recorded. Hell, most bands don't even replicate their recordings.

If you're just playing for family/friends/open mic/etc I wouldn't worry about it too much. Cover the song and if it's a bunch of noise, so be it. If you're getting paid to play and fill a spot you better get that shit down.


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^^^ I think you are perhaps talking about original bands covering songs rather than cover bands. A cover band should play as close to the originals as they can because that's what the bar is paying you for and that's what the audience expects. If you play funky versions of popular songs the audience doesn't like it and leaves, and the bar doesn't pay you because you were meant to keep the audience there.
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Learn the bands version first before you even think bout trying anything else. Once your whole band can play the song comfortably THEN you can try doing something fancy and even at that, you know the songs core aspects and how the song works and flows. I actually mhave experience covering this song various times over the past 3 years and each time I've played the bands version. The most I would do to this song would be to have powerschords in place of the verse picking pattern but that is the very most i would do, maybe drop the tuning if I wanted it to be heavier but the song dosnt need to be heavier, it'd probably ruin the song.
When it comes to covers, you should learn the original version first. Know it to the point you can play it on command. Then, if you wanna make some changes and give the song your own feel, it will turn out the way you want it to. (If you wanted to do a ska-punk cover of Kryptonite, please do that)