So, I've decided to pickup another distortion.
I really want a JHS Double Barrel, and I will get one before years end.
But right now I can get either the Twin Tube Classic or the newer Tube King for pretty cheap.
I would mainly be using it for just "rock" music; blues, indie, etc.
Any thoughts on either?
what's the rest of your gear?
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Twin Tube classic. The tube king felt like a distortion pedal with a tube stuck in it, whereas the TTC responded more like a tube amp, which is weird because it uses some weird millitary tubes and the TK uses a 12ax7.
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I'm happy with my Twin Tube Classic, I'd always recommend it as a quality pedal that's got some good noises in it. Works nicely providing it's own distortion & compliments my other ODs pretty well too.
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I havent used the tube king but the twin tube classic is a fantastic pedal. Its more like a proper preamp and behaves like that rather than being just a dirt box. I liked mine enough that I bought a second as a back up. I found that you can run it pretty clean on the first channel and use other pedals in front of it if you want and it handles them very nicely. It isnt over gained and the eq is smartly voiced and I have used a vox satchurator in front of it for some satriani tribute gigs and it sounded great. I have gigged mine now for the last three years without a single issue week in week out. The closest I would suggest feature wise is something like a blackstar dual pedal.