Hi guys, well since I discovered these guys 3 years ago, I am completely in love with their re-work of Better Off Alone by Alice, and I cannot find anywhere their tabs, I even sent them an email but I guess they let their business down (who knows?), yeah I know Josh has his own band now MLT (More Like Trees)

I re-uploaded the video on my youtube account but I cannot link it here ... so if you wanna have a look (the video I uploaded it's the cleanest version of this song also we have a pretty 'good view' on their hands.

EDIT. Finally I can I don't know why ...


Thank you :-)
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Well I can tell you the chords they use, but I guess you want the excact finger tabs for guitar right?
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Well I can tell you the chords they use, but I guess you want the excact finger tabs for guitar right?

I don't mind to get only chords I can work on when they do it, but I would be very grateful if I could get the tabs for the guitar.

P.S. The guy on the right, Josh, that's his tab I want. I don't mind getting both btw.
From 0-0:37 in the video:

E----------------------------------B------------E ---------> x 4
You think you're better off alone

Intro + Verse : E,F#,Abm,B

Chorus: You think you're better off alone ------> x 4


E,F#,Abm,B ------> x2

1:56-2:45: E,F#

2:45-3:05: E,F#,Abm,B

3:05-end: E,F#
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Oh, and regarding the excact tabs.... he just stays within those chord notes... for example at 0:33 it's a B chord he's finger picking.
You must listen to what excact notes it is within the B chord. In this case it's the low F# then higher F#-B-F#-B-F#-B-F# --- then right after he strums the E chord.
Thanks you so much .... really I cannot say more but thank you!

I just need to put cords at the right place as I guess it's not the common E but you made the biggest part!
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He uses "Barre" chords the whole song through. You know how to do them? or else you can watch some about it here, for the particular E chord: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rd4HWMCsLA

you're welcome, good luck!

Will do soon.

Thanks again!