Hello there,

I have never been to a music festival before and I am thinking about going to the Graspop next week. On my own. I pretty much want to go for Iron Maiden actually. Although there are a few other bands that may interest me.
I have already gone to some concerts on my own and had a great time almost everytime. But I guess a festival is much different.
Also what worries me is the fact not to know if I'll have to stay there during the night or not, since I think I read the last train was at 22.30 and Iron Maiden plays until 23. Anyway, do you guys have any "tips" so that I enjoy my time as much as possible in the festival?
By the way, I don't go there for getting wasted.
I can't imagine going to a festival alone. I guess just try to be sociable and make friends along the way. You might have to cut that Iron Maiden set short, though.
Get a tent and a tent area pass. You get to meet a lot of cool people and there's no need to rush to any train.
Festival toilets are foul. It's a good idea to take your own bucket.
If you happen to be sleeping there, thieves are very common. If you have a tent, fill it with spiders so no motherfucker will dare enter. During the day, superglue any valuable items (phone, wallet, etc.) to your body.
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Just lollygag around till the sun comes up, make friends. Party it up till the morning and catch the next train!!
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Your phone will quickly run its battery down. To avoid this, use your phone's browser to search for efficient ways to save battery on your particular phone.

Make sure your phone is on the brightest setting so you don't make a mistake at this step.
Thanks for the replies guys.

Do you know if the pits may be separated by barriers ?
Oh yes, I'm going too! Mainstage audience is split in two with fences, not that much of a deal. All of the tents don't have any fences except for in front of the stage. It's all fine.
God looking so much forward to Maiden though, shame the time schedule is a bit shit.
I mean, planning King Diamond and Testament at the same time? That's pretty ******ed.
Find drugs
Take drugs
Find some new friends
Take their drugs.

Listen to music.
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Pretty brave going on your own. I'm sure nothing bad will happen to you, but if it was me i would get really bored if i didn't go with friends. If you're social i'm sure you'll be able to find some cool people.

I would say that if it looks like it's gonna rain and the main stage is far from your tent, bring some waterproof clothes and decent shoes. At Download a couple of years ago, it was really good weather, so i went out in a light jacket, then after about an hour it started raining heavily, and all my clothes were completely soaked. Also, if there are some nice toilets, use those to dump in. The regular toilets are only suitable for peeing in, as any longer than 30 seconds in there could make you nauseous. If you can figure out the times they clean the toilets then it makes the whole thing a bit more bearable too.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.