I posted this in EG but never got a reply. Seeing as I'm getting paid soon, I could really use some opinions.

I recently bought a '72 Thinline Reissue. Love the guitar, but there are things that need changing.

I hate the tuners. The previous owner put Planet Wave self trimming tuners (obviously not stock looking at the extra holes in the headstock) and I've had nothing but trouble. The B string unclamped soon after I got it from misuse one my part. I got a new set of strings and put them on correctly (put string taught then clamp) but two strings unclamped within five minutes. I had the screw tightened pretty well. Since it automatically trimmed them, I had nothing to feed back through. Wanting to replace those but I'm unsure what would fit or what would be best. Gotoh and Schaller are looking good. Locking or no

Plastic MIM nut can go. I guess it would be best to order a preslotted bone nut then have a tech do the finishing touches?

I heard replacing the 250k pots with 500k helps the sound so I'll probably ask the tech to do that when the nut is replaced.

And the bridge. I was thinking Callaham but I'm unsure. Basically a strat bridge but I think the spacing is different. My high E is really close to the edge of the fretboard. I don't know f that's with bridge or what.

So yea, wanting to put some basic upgrades on this thing to make it a little better but I'm not terribly knowledgeable. My other guitar building/upgrading attempts have failed.
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