Hey guys. As you may or may not know Frozen Synapse has been included in the most recent Humble Indie Bundle. This made me remember all the fun times I had in the two Frozen Synapse tournaments we had shortly after it launched. So I sorta thought why not have another? Whether you're a pro or just bought the game in the bundle and haven't taken a crack at it yet, you're more than welcome. All the people I've talked to so far about it have either not played it yet, or were at one time good but haven't played in a while.
So without further ado, I'll repost what Daryldom posted when he (she?) ran the first two tournaments, and add anything else I think we'll need after that.
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UG Frozen Synapse Tournament

Welcome to the UG Frozen Synapse Tournament!

For those who don't know, Frozen Synapse is a phase based indie strategy game that plays like a cross of chess and rainbow six. You each plan how your randomly generated squad will act in the span of the next 5 seconds in a randomly generated arena. Using the games simple but precise tools you can try to develop a strategy to counter your opponents every possible move. When both players submit their turn, the result plays out in real time. At the end of the playback, the second turn starts and the process continues.

This style of play makes for an extremely tense game mirroring the tension in trying to think ahead and outwit your opponent that comes from playing chess, in situations reminiscent of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

The multiplayer portion of the game is extensive and executed near perfectly. Each player can submit their turn at any time, and if they have to leave an email will notify them when their opponent has submitted their turn. This allows for a game that can be played without the need for both players to be at the screen until the match is complete.

Overall, Frozen Synapse is a game for those who love to try to outwit their opponents and seeing cold hard logic pay off.

Curious about the concept? Check out this video Skip to 16 minutes for the "This is awesome!" stage of the video

For anyone interested, you can download a demo or purchase the full product at www.frozensynapse.com

Tournament Details!

The tournament will be played in a basic best 2 out of 3 elimination style tournament. Each match up will play 3 games of frozen synapse, whoever takes 2 victories will move on to the next round. This should eliminate the possibilities of unfair spawn points or arena generation that the game can occasionally be known for.

The tournament will be played in the Dark Elimination game mode, which means you can only see your opponents spawn points and their last seen location if they are not in your direct line of sight. This allows for much more creative thinking and makes the game much more tense and enjoyable.

At the end of each round the both players should take and submit a screenshot of the end-game screen (or if that's too much hassle, both players must post their final score and who was victorious so as to avoid possible cheating).

Also, it would be pretty cool in my opinion if one of the players were to upload the match to youtube, which is an integrated option on the endgame screen so the entire tournament can be watched again if anyone so desires. Not necessary but I just think it would be pretty cool.

The tournament should start once we get hopefully at least 6 to 8 contestants, though if there seems to be a steady stream of contestants I'll impose a final signup date to notify when the tournament will officially start.

Have Fun guys! it's a great game and would make for an excellent tournament. The winner takes home some bragging rights and the rights to put UG's Frozen Synapse Champion in their signature.


**Remember, the game doesn't have to be played with both players at their computers at the same time, the game's multiplayer system allows you to submit your turn whenever you are available to do so. That being said, please try not to allow a game to carry on too long. If a game goes unchanged for 3 days without prior notification, it will be considered a forfeit.**

Also note: If anyone has any suggestions or questions or something they think should be added or changed, please by all means let me know. This is the first tournament I've put together so I'll try my best but that hardly guarantees that it will go flawlessly.


To join the tournament simply post in this thread that you would like to join, as well as your Steam ID and/or your Frozen Synapse username.


Quick(ish) Summary:

Best 2 out of 3 games. If one or more of the games is a complete tie, ignore it and play another.

Dark Elimination style game type (Enemies are only visible in line of sight and last known position)

PLEASE post the final scores and winners in the thread, screenshots preferred though not necessary.

Uploading the match via the in-game youtube support and submitting the link would also be much appreciated

Which contestant sends the challenge doesn't matter

If a game is inactive for 3 days without any notification it will be considered a forfeit. That being said if a game goes inactive for an unreasonable amount of time (IE: holding up everything else) It will also be considered forfeit. (I won't be too strict on this because everybody is busy including myself, basically just don't intentionally hold up everything.)

**The majority of us are on the UK1 server, for convenience please try to use the same server or co-ordinate otherwise in this thread**

Besides that, play nice and have fun!


Missed your chance to play in the tournament or eliminated but would love to try again?

Don't worry! Assuming all goes smoothly in this one I'll eventually try to organize a second if we can once more round up 8 or more players!

Oh yes, and I'll probably be messaging everyone who signed up for previous tournaments, but newcomers are more than welcome If you want to sign up just say you're in and post your Steam ID

UG Name - Steam ID
Cornmancer - Airtight_Hag
SG_Dave - sgd4ve
lp345 - LP
entity0009 - 14 Hertz
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I'd jump in this in not for the fact that after about 10 minutes of playing a game on Steam my internet goes off and my laptop starts running really slowly and I have to restart it to play again. I really don't know why it's doing it but it's pissing me off.
LP what's your steam? NVM, I just went through my friends list and found you.
I got things to do, but once I do them, Imma message every single person on my steam friends list who owns FS.
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As soon as we get enough people, and as long as we don't have any issues with people not being able to play, it'd be fairly short I think. A few days. You can either have both people playing at the same time and knock out a few games really quickly, or playing asynchronously which would lengthen the game, but you're limited to 8 turns so even then it shouldn't go too long.
This seems awesome. I won't join the tournament, but thanks for calling my attention to this game. I'll probably check it out in a couple weeks.
Include me, I have proper internet now.

My steam ID is 14 Hertz (I think. If not try entity0009)
Adding you in a moment entity
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This seems awesome. I won't join the tournament, but thanks for calling my attention to this game. I'll probably check it out in a couple weeks.

Most excellent. If this goes well and people still want to do it in a few weeks, I'll tell you.
Just so you know, it's in the humble bundle right now and as long as you pay more than what the average person pays, $4.70 at the time of typing, you get Frozen Synapse. I mostly recommend this because most of the time you have to pay $25 for it, since they only sell it in two packs which I think is slightly irritating
Resurrecting the thread slightly, but if it's still on; count me in.

Sorry for the delay, it's been AGES since I've been on UG
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Sorry I didn't post sooner but I didn't see cornmancer's pm until now, if this is still happening I will join in, steam id is Henry_f