As i understand there are three main ways to keep non-played string mute, palm for lowere strings, first finger rests on higher strings, and last first finger touches one string above it. I was reading troy stetina books and he also suggested the third technique.

I personally feel very awkward with the third technique. i feel it cannot be applied in all situations for example, if you are doing kinda of a scale run then this is possible but what if you are playing a single string line say on the third string with lots of slides in it. sliding with finger in that position is just very diifcult to pull of at best. Also if you are playing like a pull off thing from 7 to 5th fret on the first string (pentatonic box position) and then do the same on second string. (using third finger for the pull off in this case) It becomes very hard to kind of strech your third finger to the 7th fret while at the same time, holding the first finger on the fifth fret in tht kind of position (touching the the string above). Maybe its just me and I have small hands.

I have seen a youtube video where the guy just use palm for all the string above the one you are playing. The trickiest thing here is to be able to mute the string immediately above the one you are playing with your palm. It is possible but kinda you have have your hand a certain way....

I have just started guitat from scratch and i would like to adapt something that i can consistently use throughout and not change everytime for specific situations. also i would like it to be s solid technique in the sense tht no matter how advanace and more difficult music i play, this techinque does not become a weakness etc...

I hope more experienced and expert players can guide me as to how to go about it. I just want to have perfect technique.. Do you think using only palm and the resting first finger (or whichever finger you are using to fret the note) on strings below the one you are playing can have some disadvantage going forward. I was just wondering this because i just wondered why troy would suggest the third thing as well (touching the string above the one being played with the top of your first finger (the one which is freting the note)), if just using first 2 techniques could do the job.

It's actually easier to use all three at once than it sounds on paper. Video material is absolutely invaluable in this situation:

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