Okay, so I've just finished breadboarding a distortion pedal circuit, and next step is to solder it to some perfboard and get it all boxed up. I've ordered myself an unfinished 1590B style enclosure, but I'm not sure how I want to finish it. I'm thinking maybe spray painting the whole thing white, then piling a bunch of stickers over the top to make a sort of collage of random stickers.

Any other ideas? Also, if I go through with my idea, am I going to need to clear coat over the top of the stickers?
Personally, I'm fond of the minimalism of Rolands/TC Electronics - just a single color finish (that said, since it's a custom pedal and, I'm guessing, doesn't have a name/logo, some sort of decal wouldn't hurt - something like a single diagonal stripe?)

That's me, though - what floats my boat may sink yours.

And, yes, if you go with the sticker idea, I would definitely suggest clear-coating it unless you want it to look a bit worn after a while - that might actually be kinda a cool thing, until it wears completely away.
That a large enclosure! Do you really need it to be that big?
Anyway, it's your pedal, you've build it your self, it should reflect you. Just go with what feel best to you.
I've made like 5 stompboxes of my own, all for which I deseigned my own decal to put on.

And for the clear coat, what DystoCreativity said. If you plan to use a decal, put a clear coat over it, since the decal is very fragile...

EDIT: Sorry disregard my first comment. It's not big at all!
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Personally, I'd always wanted to try dipping...a swirl finish would be unique and look badass.
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Quote by dkunick
Personally, I'd always wanted to try dipping...a swirl finish would be unique and look badass.

I've seen videos of that done on YouTube with guitars. In fact my girlfriend used to do it on her fake nails as part of her work in beauty. I'd like to experiment with it as well cause the result can be pretty badass, but I guess it can be a bit unpredictable in that it might not turn out the way you think it will.