Sitting here with the devil,
seeing who will strike up a conversation first.
He looks at me and says,
"Son, you've got potential,
but there's something I've got to mention.
It seems you haven't quite learned your lesson."
Can't expect a fallen angel to be too straightforward,
so I just sat there staring at the wall.
"Remember the ones you loved?
Good, there's no reason to really,
all they'll do is hold you back."
I thought that was ironic,
coming from the guy who gave God the finger and all.

"Well Lucifer, you see, I've just been waiting for.."
"Damn it! You can lie to yourself all you want,
but don't you dare lie to me you little cocksucker!
I am the king and can smell your bullshit from hell!
Have you ever been to hell son?!
All that burning flesh, scorched dreams, and tortured souls,
and I can still smell your bullshit over the top of it!
So don't you dare fucking lie to me again, you hear me?!"

Damn, I guess that's why they sell them in packs of six.
I really liked this, that last line shattering the metaphor worked really well too.
Don't have much to say other than that
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.