Hey guys,

I recently came across this really unique wood and I’ve been wondering what the name of it is. A few days ago I got a hold of a 7/8” thick table top that was dark, dark red in colour and 100% wood, which I found interesting since everything today just has a laminate on it. I build guitars and said to myself I could get a few guitar tops out of it… So I bought the table top off my friend for cheap, cut what I needed, and started planning it down… My god. The pictures don’t do it justice. It is the most vibrate colour I have ever seen. It’s almost like a hot rod red with a dark orange tinge in light, with darker stripes.

After I cut it up, planned it and finished what needed to be done I brought it back to my friend and showed him. All the information he had on it was that it possibly comes from Indonesia and it’s used for flooring (as you can still get it today.) He said it may be possibly Bubinga… I’ve never worked with the stuff but from pictures of it I don’t think it is. It cut on the table saw quite cleanly, but the planner had some difficulties with it, so I’m leaning towards a hardwood. It’s harder than my fingernail, I know that. A piece of it 19” wide x 21” long x 3/8” thick is about 4.3 pounds. It smelt fine when I was working on it but when I let it sit, it didn’t oxides or change colour in any way but it did start to have a slight off smell, like if you were to cut open Zebrawood. Also, it has a natural minor shine to it after being planned. Anyhow, does anyone have an idea what type of wood this is?

Thank you so much!

Here are some pictures:

Looks pretty!

You might have better luck sending those pictures and your experience cutting it to a site that sells wood to luthiers, though. This site carries a pretty diverse selection, so they may be a good place to start.


FWIW, it looks a little like the bubinga they're selling.

Edit: corrected to overrule AutoCorrect's version of "bubinga".
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I'd say Padouk or possibly bloodwood.
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