Hi guys,
Thought I would give a little bit back today from all I have taken over the years. Have been playing for 40 years and teaching guitar for the last 10. One of my students asked me to teach her She's Not Afraid by One Direction!! Lucky me hey. Anyway, I checked out the 3 Tabs on this site and without trying to put people down, I gotta say they were very ordinary. In fact 2 are completely wrong.

So I did it myself by ear (not hard at all) and submitted it. Just got rejected Now don't get me wrong. I am not upset. It is actually quite funny to be rejected over a One Direction Tab. I would just like to know why. The reason seems to be a standard email where it could be any number of reasons. I have not been told specifically.

I have paid for this App on my Android and use it for teaching purposes, so I do not want to be going to Tabs that are obviously wrong.

Is there anyway to find out the exact reason your tab was rejected?