I'm thinking about picking up this Charvel San Dimas Traditional MIA from '95 with tweed case for about $650 (4500 Swedish crowns). What's the average going rate for these guitars and how are they (havent seen or played it yet).

Specs afaik: Quartersawn maple neck, dimarzio s/s/s, alder body, standard trem
Awesome guitars, don't know what kind of hardware its got in the guts but, the playability of these guitars are awesome. I have an Adrian Smith SDX, definitely buy my SDX again over a Fender Strat. Just me thats all, played Fenders and they are just not my game.
Nothing's more fappable than a bit of black hardware. Trem looks fairly standard. Not sure about the tuners but it looks pretty good to me, and if it comes with a decent case...
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It’s hard to say what that guitar is really worth on the market because most of the people selling used MIA Charvels are asking absurd prices and not selling. And there’s not much demand for a Charvel with a strat trem. But $650 for a USA Charvel in good condition seems like a good price. Compare it to local used USA strat prices, because you’re pretty much buying the same thing.