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In no particular order
Dark side of the moon- Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin 4- Led Zeppelin
Forever changes- Love
Who's next- The Who
Physical Graffiti- Led Zeppelin
The Wall- Pink Floyd
Appetite for Destruction- Guns N Roses
Electric ladyland- Jimi Hendrix
Revolver- Beatles
Truth- Jeff Beck

And if I wasn't posting on a guitar forum...
A kind of blue- Miles Davis
Exile on Main St. Rolling Stones
Are You Experienced Jimi Hendrix Experience
Nevermind Nirvana
The Joshua Tree U2
Led Zeppelin I Led Zeppelin
The Wall Pink Floyd
The Bends Radiohead
Santana (album) Santana
Master of Puppets Metallica
Rocks Aerosmith
1) In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson
2) Kill 'Em All - Metallica
3) Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
4) Aqualung - Jethro Tull
5) Paranoid - Black Sabbath
1-Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
2-Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
3-Pink Floyd - The Wall
4-Led Zeppelin 1
5-Styx - Pieces of Eight
6-The Who - Who's Next
7-Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River
8-Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps
9-Neil Young - Live Rust 1978
10-Jimi Hendrix - Wild Blue Angel (Isle of Wight)
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1. Ac Dc - Let There Be Rock
2. Scorpions - Blackout
3. Judas Priest - Stained Class
4. Ac Dc - Back In Black
5. Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society - First Album
6. Led Zeppelin - First Album
7. Motley Crew - Shout At The Devi
8. Andy James - First Album
9. Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo
10 - Gary Hoey - First Album
1. Iron Maiden - Powerslave
2. Metallica - Master of Puppets
3. AC/DC - Highway to Hell
4. Green Day - American Idiot
5. Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
6. AC/DC - Back In Black
7. Megadeth - Rust In Peace
8. Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil
9. Diamond Head - Am I Evil
10. Linkin Park - Meteora
10E-INFINITY. Believe
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10. Disraeli Gears- Cream
9. Paranoid- Black Sabbath
8. Back in Black- AC/DC
7. Nevermind- Nirvana
6.Let it Be- The Beatles
5.Van Halen I- Van Halen
4.Are You Experienced- Jimi Hendrix
3. Led Zeppelin II- Led Zeppelin
2. Toys in the Attic- Aerosmith
1. Pronounced- Lynyrd Skynyrd.
In no particular order.

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV
Arcade Fire: Funeral
Queen: A Night at The Opera
The Who: Tommy
The Smiths: The Queen is Dead
Pink Floyd: The Wall
U2: Joshua Tree
...... Can't think of anything else at the moment...
Ten favorites that pop into my mind:

The Jam, Sound Affects
Pink Floyd, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
U2, All That You Can't Leave Behind
The Beatles, Meet The Beatles
Madness, One Step Beyond
Talking Heads, Remain in Light
Talking Heads, More Songs About Buildings and Food
Love, Forever Changes
Martin Newell, The Greatest Living Englishman
Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic

What do other people think?

Best, Jordan
In no order:

The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Commatorium
Pearl Jam - Vs
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath - Masters of Reality
Rush - 2112
At the Drive in - Relationship of Command
The White Stripes - Elephant
Biffy Clyro - Vertigo of Bliss
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Quote by Slow as B.B
10. Van Halen- Fair Warning
9. Black Sabbath- Paranoid
8. Jimi Hendrix- Axis Bold As Love
7. Cream- Disareli Gears
6. Kiss- Alive
5. Rush- 2112
4. AC/DC- Highway To Hell
3. Led Zeppelin 2
2. The Stones- Let It Bleed
1. The Who- Tommy

I have to agree with you. Those are certainly worthy choices, man!

Michael Barracato
I love music. I think it is relaxing. When I do nothing I listen to music and I feel good. I love singing and music makes me feel good. That makes a good atmosphere. I don't imagine a party without music because it's motivated. Music has a way to relax people and put them in a good mood and people are more motivated. When there is no music, the room is empty, we could heard a fly flew if nobody speaks. Music accompanies people, you feel less alone when you put music. Every morning radio wakes me up and the songs I listen help me get out of my bed because it motivates me. I want to start the day in a good mood.

Obviously I don't like all the songs and when it's a song that I don't like it bothers me but I chang radio and it gets better. But music is important to me because it accompanies people, it is still there. For example, when I go to run I listen to music and this is energizing. That sometimes allows me to challenge myself.
My opinion(the top one never changes,but the rest change with my mood):
1. Animals- Pink floyd
2. Diary of a madman-ozzy osbourne
3. Forever changes-love
4. Led zep lV
5. ten-pearl jam
6.The cult(rams head)
8.Black album-Metallica
9.Dsotm-Pink floyd
10.Either doolittle-the pixies,never mind the bollocks-sex pistols or renegade-Thin lizzy
My personal favorites in no particular order:
Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
Deja Vu - CSNY
the first six Zeppelin album
most Beatles albums from Help! and on chronologically
Aja, Can't buy a thrill, and two against nature - Steely dan
On an Island - David Gilmore
Probably a bunch more I'm forgetting right now
1. Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)
2. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (1975)
3. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
4. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
5. Pink Floyd - Wish you Were here (1975)
6. The Doors - The Doors (1967)
7. Queen - A Night at the Opera (1975)
8. Queen - Innuendo (1991)
9. Queen - Made in Heaven (1995)
10.Pink Floyd - Meddle (1971)
In no particular order
Pink Floyd Wish you were here
Rush A farewell to kings
Talk Talk Spirit of Eden
Radiohead The Bends
The Verve A northern soul
Kate Bush Hounds of love(for side two)
Yes The Yes Album
Led Zep III
Paul Weller Stanley Road
Soundtrack of our lives Origin vol 1
just have to throw Californication By RHCP, Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips, Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins and Hot Fuss By the Killers. This Thread is almost a year old.
Quote by sovaso
just have to throw Californication By RHCP, Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips, Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins and Hot Fuss By the Killers. This Thread is almost a year old.

Oh, I love Californication. It's one of the first great albums I ever bought. I listened to it every single day for a month when I first got it.
Quote by Jes Johnson
Oh, I love Californication. It's one of the first great albums I ever bought. I listened to it every single day for a month when I first got it.

The thing about Californication is that every single song is really memorable of the album. I could probably hum every song to you off of memory. The only song this doesn't fit is Porcelain. Soooooooooo...
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In My honoest Opinion, "In the Court of the Crimson King" has to be in top 10.
Then Led Zeppelin III or IV.
"Deep Purple in Rock" or "Machine Head".

I can't think of anything else, my mind is f*cked up...

+1 for Division Bell, truly under-appreciated. Same with About Face, gilmours second solo album.
Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres are definitely up there for me
Van Halen and Van Halen II
Houses of The Holy
Jack Whites new album, Lazaretto is amazing but im not sure it belongs in a classic rock thread
Same with Yeezus, one of my top albums but not the right place to talk about it
I have at least 100 favorite albums but I'll try to narrow it down and use just 1 album per artist.

10. British Steel
9. American beauty
8. Toys in the Attic
7. Highway to hell
6. 2112
5. High-n-Dry
4. Who's Next
3. Dark Side of the Moon
2. Zeppelin IV
1. Abbey Road
Queen's Greatest Hits has become the first album to sell over 6 million other than this :

4 21 ADELE

inspire music productions
Abbey Road-The Beatles
Revolver-The Beatles
Highway 61 Revisited-Bob Dylan
Mr. Tambourine Man-The Byrds
Full Moon Fever-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Who's Next-The Who
Brothers in Arms-Dire Straits
The Doors-The Doors
The Eagles Greatest Hits Vol.1-The Eagles
Rumours-Fleetwood Mac
Beatles-Rubber Soul
Kiss-Kiss (1st album..huge influence)
ELO-Eldorado (Probably my choice for most perfect album)
Judas Priest- British Steel
Deep Purple-Machine Head (Is anything better than "Highway Star"?)
Player-Spies of Life (a personal favorite in the pop arena)
Eagles-Hotel California (Overplayed? Yes, way overplayed but still an awesome album)
Kinks-Village Green Preservation Society (Never fails to make me sing along)
Rolling Stones-Beggar's Banquet (the real Rolling Stones at their peak. Bare and minimalist)
Jimi Hendrix-Are You Experienced (an album that changed everything I thought about rock music)

I could easily go another 10 but these are the albums that blew me away back then and still do. I play them often.
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My favorite albums are
Disraeli Gears
Dark Side of the Moon
Beatles-Rubber Soul
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You're right. Forgot "Disraeli Gears". It influenced an entire generation of guitar players.
Every guitar player has a unique tehnic an a unique perception about music and everyone had discovered new sounds and elements of music, so it kind of inadequate to say that some guitar players are the best; indeed there are differences between some of them but this dosen t mean that we must idolize only those ten guitarists. Many times we can t compare them because of the different style of music they play
Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn (especially the re-issue version with bonus tracks)
Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home
Donovan - Catch the Wind
The Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage Animation Music
Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
The Beatles - Revolver
The Beatles - Sgt Pepper
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

I'm not saying these are the most influential albums for guitarists either, just that they are some of my favorites.
Everything awesome I know has had a mention, got a great list of artists to listen to know from those I didn't know people have mentioned here, thanks guys for recommendations!
1. The Clash - The Clash
2. Led Zepplin - II
3. AC/DC - Highway to Hell
4. Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengence
5. David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
6. Lou Reed - Transformer
7. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
8. The Ramones - Ramones
9. The Rolling Stones - Exile on main Street
10. Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland
Not in any particular order....
Layla & other assorted love songs- Derek & the dominoes
Desperado- the Eagles
Plush- STP
Abbey Road- Beatles
Exile on Main St. Stones
Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie
Wish you were here- Pink Floyd
Sticky fingers- Stones
Led Zep 3
Beggars banquet- Stones
Second helping- Lynard Skynard
Graceland by Paul Simon
The new solo project, and spiritual philosophy... Album out now !
hybrid 6.0
Debut album 'Silent Destruction' out now
Read the Two Guys Metal review here
Some good stuff here. I agree with: Ziggy Stardust-David Bowie. that was an unbelieveably influential album when it came out and still sounds great.

Some albums people listed have some really great songs and performances but then too much filler stuff that isn't so good. I think of Top 10 all time favorites as albums that work top to bottom with very few misfires (most albums, even the best will have one or two).

I'd also add "Greatest Hits" don't count.
Just my favorites not saying these are the BEST ever. There are a lot of repeat bands, this is just a list of the albums that I go back to over and over.
10. Quiet Science-With/Without
9. Sleigh Bells-Reign of Terror
8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Beat the Devil's Tattoo
7. My Chemical Romance-Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
6.The White Stripes-Elephant/White Blood Cells
5. Arcade Fire-Neon Bible
4. The White Stripes-Icky Thump
3. (TIE)My Chemical Romance-Danger Days/My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade
2. Arcade Fire-Funeral
1. Arcade Fire-The Suburbs
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