Hey guys, just a quickie. I recently got my Jekyll and Hyde V2, and im loving it so far. My issue lies with the sound when using both the drive and the distortion at the same time. The drive gives a nice clean volume boost with a little crunch, and the distortion gives a nice clear metal tone. When I use both together, the sound kinda washes out and sounds kinda distant, or like it underwater (for want of any easier way to explain).

Can anyone with experience with this pedal give me advice on a settings set up? Shooting for a hard rock kinda sound.

Current set up is (using clock positioning):

Jekyll side:
Drive at 10
Tone at 3
Volume at 11
Bass boost off

Hyde side:
Drive at 2
Treble at 2
Mid at 2
Volume at 10
Set to sharp

Im currently using it with a PRS SE custom 24 with a pair of humbuckers, playing through a little Fender Frontman 15G. Now I realise my amp is in need of an update, but im working with what ive got for the moment.

Any help on this matter would be grand
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We don't allow settings threads, because usually it's either 'figure it out yourself' because it's simple enough or there are two many variables to give you a 'turn knobs here' answer.

Try the settings thread if you're really stuck, but with most pedals a bit of tweaking on your own will give you all the answers you need. There's no secret in most cases.