It's actually pretty embarrassing asking you guys this, but it's my girlfriends birthday tomorrow and I'm £2.50 short of getting the perfume she really likes. I've asked everyone I know but all my friends are skint.

I'll repay you in sexual favours and cookies.

..also I'll send you £5 when I get paid. For rlz.

Please guys <3
ᶌῖᶌα ɭα ɌεᶌσɭƲʈιʘϰ
Ask for money and don't even provide a link?
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Why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn about a language you already speak? It was over before it even started dude

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brot pls
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>No-one you know can lend you £2.50

I like you man, you're proper

What'd you expect, really?..

Also, as for the link.. I'd be messaging my account number, no links.
ᶌῖᶌα ɭα ɌεᶌσɭƲʈιʘϰ