Replacing the tubes in the head of my Epi Valve Jr, and I can't get the power tube out. The preamp tube popped out no problem, but for some reason the other guy is stuck. I don't want to apply too much force for fear of shattering the tube between my fingers with my hulk strength, but then again, I see no other viable option. Do you guys have any suggestions?
Gently wiggle back and forth.
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and grab it as close to the pins as possible. easy does it.

Threw caution to the wind and yanked and wriggled as hard as I could, and it seemed to do the trick.

PLOT TWIST: There's some orange stuff around the tube (pic related) which probably had to do with the difficulty of getting the bugger out. It looks like the brulee part of creme brulee. Anyone know what this might be? Did I ruin my amp?
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when i messed with valve jr's i remember having trouble getting the power tube out, very stiff. so you aren't the only one.

dunno what that gunk is, almost looks like wax. just shine a light into the socket and make sure it all came out with the tube, if not then clean the rest of it out. you should be fine, just looks like they really wanted to make sure the tube was fitted securely so they put some kinda gunk in there to fix it in place.
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Never heard of anyone putting gunk in a tube socket, clean that shit out.

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I'd open the amp up and make sure some cap isn't leaking that gunk out. Then I'd buy a can of contact cleaner and a can of air and clean the hell out of every thing in the chassis.
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