If this is the wrong forum please move but I'll probably be using it primarily for recording.
I'm looking to trade/sell my Samson CO1U but I want to know a comparable XLR Mic. I have an interface now and have no use for a USB mic.
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The AT-2020 is a good microphone for the price.
If you want to do better, or you feel a better microphone would be better, I'd suggest the
-Rode NTA1
-sE Electronics sE2200a mkII
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if you just only compare to your samson cou1

AT-2020 is a competitive mic
also MXL990

but the Rode NTA1 would be a better than 2 mic above including samson COU1

mine is MXL990
and it's a great mic for the price
What's your budget? For do-it-all, you can't beat an AKG C414... but if you don't have £700 to spend that's not helpful!

I hear lots of good things about the Rhode and the AT. It's worth looking at SE as well if they are in your budget