hi... Mates
I have a question to ask, Do I need a buffer If I combine Stomp box Pedal and MultiFX ?
eg. I have a Tube screamer and running it through a Zoom G3 and then to Amps.
The sound when Tube Screamer running through my amps directly is more open, but if My Tube screamer and running it through a Zoom G3 and then to Amps, the sound is muddy, and the volume is drop a little bit.
Do I need a buffer in this case ?
IF Buffer Pedal needed, where do I put it ?
Before or after the Zoom G3
Thanks Before for your answer
Both of those units have buffers.
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What patches are you using on the G3? My guess is you're probably trying to put in a patch that doesn't work with overdrive in front.

You can also put the G3 in the amp fx loop, can't use overdrives in traditional role though but since you have the TS then that is not an issue.
Quote by r4sha
so what to do to to make my sounds not muddy and my guitar volume not drop ?
If you are already using amp or distortion on the G3 that is fairly saturated then boosting with a pedal may make it muddy and the volume won't go up.
The G3 also has a passive/active switch on the back, ensure that is in the correct position. Using active mode with passives would probably cause a volume drop.