Hi Guys,

some weeks ago I did a Profilepack with Tony S. from Northern Gateway Productions, here at ToneVision-Studios, in Berlin. We got a lot of awesome feedback and I also want to share it here.

The pack includes 30 profiles(3 Amps, 3 Cabs, 2Mic Positions, TS).

Mic(s): Shure SM 57

Preamp(s): DAV Electronics BG No. 501; AEA TRP Ribbon Preamp (Fredman)

Tubesreamer: Ibanez TS9

Amps: EVH 5150 III 50W; Peavey 6505; Mesa Boogie 3Ch Dual Rectifier(Blackface);

Cabs: Engl E 412 Pro; Mesa Boogie OS 412

Here you can hear some sample in a mix:


Aaaaaand the link to the shop:


BTW: The money will be used to rent more amps for the next pack.

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